Cuban Audiovisual Festival will be presented in Toulouse

One of the main features that have Cubans is their creativity and artistic talent, so no surprise to have a couple of representatives of the audiovisual world of Cuba at the renowned Latin American
Film Festival which takes place in the city of Toulouse, south of France.

The main film is airing the documentary Richard Dindo, which was conducted in 1994, entitled “Ernesto Che Guevara, the newspaper of Bolivia”; this film takes a journey in places that were visited by Che Guevara during his participation as a guerrilla in Bolivia, while reflecting the reflections that left Che in his diary as a witness.
An exemplary production

The way it was conceived this documentary makes highlight the use of voiceover to read the writings left by Che Guevara, who, along with various clippings files, are able to bring the viewer into before and after these facts, while a camera goes to the places mentioned by Che.

Another film that is exhibited in this film festival is “Conduct” by Ernesto Daranas, and although this production does not participate in the competition of the event directly, will be showing to the audience.

History of the neighborhood

“Conduct” is a 11 year old boy who lives in a suburb of Havana called Chala, and who lives with his alcoholic mother, so it develops and grows within a fairly hostile world, being this situation the cause of that Chala have trouble in school.

However, all is not lost for Chala, because his teacher Carmela gives affection and understanding that this little child needs to see life in a better way and, thus, can fight for a better future.

The film has earned several awards to DARNAS, as it has been awarded the Silver Biznaga the best feature film in the Latin American Territory and, likewise, in the categories of Best Actress and Best Director at the Spanish Film Festival of Malaga.

Also, this film won the award for Best Film for Children Unicef during the Bogota International Film Festival and was nominated for Best Latin American Film at the Goya awards. Learn more about the music of cuba by visiting for more.