How to market your music using the internet

For most musicians the big goal is to somehow get discovered and become super famous. However, these days with the help of the internet it’s easier than ever to grow an audience. The only thing is you must know how to build that audience and one of the best places to do it is using social media.

Social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook have built amazing popularity, there has been many new singers discovered from YouTube. One of the most famous was Justin Bieber who used to upload a lot of cover songs to his YouTube channel.

In fact this is how he became famous.

Here’s the secret to build a following:

The secret to build your own following no matter what type of music you are doing is tapping into an existing audience. For example utilizing the popularity of someone who’s already famous of has a large following on any social media site. Trust me you are not the only one trying to get your music out there, competition is everywhere. But if you want to stand out you must do things differently, I’ll give you an example. A friend of mine owns a photography business and he asked me how could he learn what his competition was doing to get more business. I simply told him to go to Google and type wedding photography fort myers which is the city he lives in and check the top 5 websites and review each of them.

After doing this he learned that almost every single of his top competitors were on every social media site while he was on only 1 or 2. The same applies to someone who is trying to launch a music career, you need to be everywhere. Follow the steps of what the top artists did to become famous and be everywhere.