How YouTubers Are Getting Famous

I was watching the Late Show With Stephen Colbert on YouTube the other day and he had as a guest PewDiePie which is a very famous YouTube and millionaire because of YouTube with over 20 million subscribers. I’m posting the interview video below for you to check out because I want to drive home a point about how powerful YouTube can be as a platform to achieve your music goals.

As you can see this guy had achieved something amazing using YouTube as a gaming platform, but what about musicians who want to get discovered? Well, it’s all about consistency, these days where every website and platform is competing for your attention YouTube can be one of the most powerful ways to reach a massive audience fast.

Even small businesses understand this, recently I was talking to a friend of mine who owns a granite & marble website and he was using YouTube to find new customers by uploading videos of his completed projects, this as a result was helping him gain more business. So the lesson here is if you are complaining about not being able to get your stuff out there is simply because you are not using these platforms to their full potential.

I know plumbers, lawyers and even a naples dj who is uploading videos from events to his YouTube channel to gain exposure, so I guess the question is what are you waiting for?