Is the music industry unfair?

Robin-ThickeThere is no doubt there are a lot of talented artist out there in the world, some are famous because of their talent others are famous for being famous. However, the amount of extremely talented artists that are still not discovered is amazing. In fact all you have to do is go on YouTube and watch some of the covers for may famous songs by average people who just love to sing.

The music industry is changing and evolving daily because of the internet and these days you often see singers complaining that they are not getting paid enough when in reality there are starving musicians who just want their big break.

In my opinion it is extremely unfair but we are little by little fixing that because of tools and platforms like YouTube where for example Justin Bieber was discovered, these days you can become a star without being discovered by a producer. With true talent you can build a following on social media and gain momentum.

Take for example Ten Second Songs, which is a channel that up to just 12 months ago no one knew who this guy was. He made one video and his popularity blew up now with over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and millions more on other social media sites. So if you are musician and you are not using these tools to get your name out there you are missing out big time. In fact take a look at one of his videos that received over 17 million views.

Crazy right?

Well, that’s the power of the internet. The music industry for the past decades has been very unfair when it comes to displaying real talents and just been focused on pushing trashy music that honestly poisons the minds of young people with sexual content and focused more on creating controversial lyrics to gain attention.

I look forward to the future and hope that the music industry does in fact change completely thanks to the internet and where every aspiring professional musician has the same chance as anyone else to become rich and famous for doing what they love to do. I hope you see my point in this article and if you enjoy it don’t be afraid to share it with your friends, this is the first of many posts to come.