Why Jay Z’s Tidal Company Failed..

Tidal LaunchJay Z just a few months back was going to take over the world with the launch of TIDAL the music streaming app that was supposed to challenge juggernauts like Spotify. The company launched with the support of a dozen well known artists backing up the launch and each one of them had a stake in the company.

The whole event was extremely awkward in my opinion and even though it seem that the company was going to explode with millions of members it was not able to attract not even 10% of the huge market being dominated by Spotify and other streaming platforms. I asked my friend Mark who owns publicidad en miami and has done marketing and launch campaigns for many new and upcoming artists and he told me why he thinks Tidal’s launch was their biggest mistake.

It’s easy to see why Tidal has not taken off, they made it look like the multi-millionaire artists on stage signing a document showing their commitment to basically making more money..nowhere in the event they talk about how the user would benefit or if it was going to be a better service or perhaps a better price than the competition..NO ONE feels bad that these singers who make millions each year are missing out on a few more millions with other streaming services and that’s exactly what they did in the event. – Mark

I agree 100%. The fact that they tried to sell these multimillionaire artist as basically “use our service because we want more money” was without a doubt a horrible approach.

As of today Tidal sits on the bottom of the top 100 apps with the hype pretty much gone and many of the artists basically jumping ship some going with other new services like Apple music. For now only time will tell how long will Tidal survive and if it’s able to make a comeback or not.